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Went NW to 55 FOW and trolled NW with nothing, came back on a SSW troll with nothing but marked a huge bait ball about straight out from the channel in 65 FOW.  Took a couple swings by that mark with nothing.  On the third pass we took and 11lb king on Dipsy out 100 with a green flounder pounder.  10 minutes later got a 12 lb king, 250 copper on another green flounder pounder.  Of course no action until the sun hit the water and then they bit.  

Bonus, little entertainment at the dock as a gentleman we assume partook a little too much in the libations walked himself off the side of the dock, fortunately he avoided busting his head on his trailer by mere inches.  

It was a decent first trip.  

FYI, no lights at the Port Sheldon launch so if you're doing the PM shift, you'll want a headlamp for sure.  

5 21 2020 2.jpg

5 21 2020.jpg

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