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  1. I'm heading up this weekend and was wondering if anyone was willing to pass on any reports. Thanks in advance, I'll come back and post once I get back, or live!
  2. 5/28 PS PM Sorry so late in getting this out. Hit the pier heads at 6:30ish Sunday night. Starting taking fish in 120-125 FOW, on S troll, 2.8 SOG and Ball. Kept circling back over the same waypoints we took our first couple fish and it worked. In 2.5 hours, 6-7, all spoons(Flounder Pounder with red, with green, mag carmel dolphin, Michael Jackson) 10lb Steel on 5 color lead small coho and nice coho on rigger and stacker, down 80, stacker 15 above 12 laker down 100+ 10lb King on 200 copper Small jack on rigger we gave back Great day as my Foreign exchange student/niece had never been fishing.
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    holland 7/9 help

    Yea, this one had a brown wood handle with a brass top. Had a brown leather case.
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    holland 7/9 help

    I picked one up there, did yours have an inscription on the handle?
  5. Started on a SW troll in 85FOW NW of the channel. Took first hit in 130FOW, 250 Copper w/Jager Bomb, 4lb Steel, just as the sun disappeared, took another one in 120FOW, E troll, 125 copper, 9lb Steel on Orange Crush. Water conditions were great, still slow out there. Marked a lot on the way back in 80-90FOW all above 50.
  6. I was thinking about heading up the Weekend of May 23rd, is it fishable there yet? If so, are atlantics being taken yet? Any help would be really appreciated.
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    Thanks for the report, I think we'll be giving it a go Friday morning. Did you stay in a specific depth?
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    We actually moved it to the following weekend, but if you would, please let me know the report after you hit it.
  9. After boxing out Saturday AM I thought I'd go down and get another limit, not so much. We were battling 2fts and a nasty wind. Fished 15-30 FOW with everything from Riggers, Divers and boards, 5-7:30. The COHO were not there, don't know if they went back south or deeper but not where they were, the cold front and snow certainly changed things up. Did manage to go 2-2 on browns, on little one this nice one:
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    Trolling Motor Batteries

    I'm set up on a 24v system but seem to just have a terrible time keeping the batteries charged. I've just invested in a 20 am OB charger, but I'm also replacing the batteries. Just want to know what batteries are recommended?
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    Holland 8-10 AM

    I'm speaking more to a bait ball that pretty much filled up bottom to top of my screen.
  12. I know it's late, sorry. Had lines down by 6:30, in 90 FOW, was planning on starting in 120 but hit a screen filler at 65 and kept marking so I decided not to leave fish to catch fish. Just before 7 things got started: -20lb King, down 55 stacker on the DR, Easter Egg glow in 100 FOW -7lb King, out 135 on DD, glow Frog -12lb King, down 75 DR, Carmel Dolphin -5lb Steel, out 130 on DD, glow Frog -7lb Steel, down 65 DR, Michael Jackson -2lb Laker, 200 copper, Orange Crush Had two break off 30lb big game on 180 copper and 125 copper within SECONDS of each other, both were monsters, and you'd have thought I'd remember the drags after that, well.... On our troll in, at 50 FOW had a DD, Glow Frog again, and this time I didn't get my spoon back, IDIOT!!! I think I'll hang signs all over the boat: REMEMBER THE DRAG STUPID!! Anyway, had two rookies with me that had a great time going 6-9. Best water was 100-130. That Glow Frog was hot all day. http://www.greatlakesfisherman.com/gallery/files/2/7/9/8/aug_10th_with_jay.jpg' alt='aug_10th_with_jay.jpg'>
  13. the only nets we saw were east of the lighthouse by the Green Can, shouldnt be an issue.
  14. Told you I'd give you some info: Got on the water at 10:00am Sunday, 6-9 Trolled out up to 2 miles past the light house, east side Trolled 2.2-2.5 and got nothing Liz on 68 mentioned they were getting fish and were trolling at 3.0 So, after 2 hours of nothing, within 10 minutes of going to 3, we starting getting fish 6lb Laker, 90 FOW, Rigger down 90, blue dolphin stinger 3lb Atlantic, 95 FOW, Rigger dow 90, blue dolphin stinger 7lb Atlantic, 105 FOW, Dipsey diver out 65, Nuclear Veggie 7lb Laker, 100 FOW, Rigger Down 90, Miami Dolphin 15lb King, 95 FOW, Stacked on Rigger down 80, Mixed Veggie 3lb Atlantic, 95 FOW, Copper out 200, Orange Crush Trolled up to 2 miles past the lighthouse and back. Nice Depth Changes just south of the lighthouse that held fish so we figured 8 there. Bite really got hot from 2-3pm. Hope that helps.
  15. I'll be up there hitting it from the 9th-12th, will drop a report for ya.
  16. What a day!!! Huge thanks to Dave Ash for the education and load of fish we're taking home today. This guy does better on 1 hour sleep than I do with 20!! Thanks for putting up with us and the weather. Hit 70 FOW by 5:40 and by 6 had 2 nice kings in the box. Mainly fished 90-95 FOW, riggers down 40-50, DD out 123-130, and 200-250 copper. Everything took hits and fish. Stopped fishing when we got that 10 minute rainfall and the wind changing out of the north at around 9:30. Ended the day 11-24, 5 Kings and 6 Steel all on spoons, mostly Green and blue dolphins and Hog Wild.
  17. Took my annual trip to Saginaw Bay yesterday and was optimistic I wouldn't run into the 3 footers I did last year, and I was right, I ran into 3-4s so that was interesting. Go to 18 and started my kicker only to hear it die on my a couple minutes later. So, we decided that we were okay with using the drift for our troll. We finished 6-8 on keepers, let about 6 go. All on meat with chartrouse harnesses, one keeper did come on purple all with 3/4oz BB. Got off the water about 2 pm and the waves were down to 1s. Didn't do as well as we expected but from hearing the reports we held our own.
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    6/4 Adventure

    Flounder Pounder of course. Let it out and just as I was about to clip to rigger I thought I got the luckiest highline hit of my life. Not so much.
  19. Lines down by 3:30, trolled initally around the mouth on the mud line and took one small coho on a H12 Starfire. Headed straight south for a mile and a half in the 3-8fow, then came back on north troll in 8-12 fow and took nothing. Headed back to the mouth of the channel and took another 2-3lb coho. Went back and forth a couple more times in front of the mouth to no avail. Got the skunk off the boat, it was an amazing day weather-wise and ended with a nice meal at Joe's, 2 Crown and 7s always end the day nice.
  20. In lew of the amazing weather on Sunday, I thought I'd give the rig a little splash and see if I couldn't box a couple silvers. Was a little worried about the waves but to my surprise the lake was great. Gotta run the motor, get everything tested and my 6 year old got to enjoy tossing a few and didn't even need a coat. That being said, trolled rapalas in 6-10 fow, n troll and didn't take one hit. Can't wait to hear some reports as I need to get out and get the skunk off. I'm hoping I was just a couple weeks early.
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    South Haven 3/11

    I had surface temp at 41.
  22. Got out Fri night about 7:00 pm, planned on starting a NW troll at 60, got to 60 and was met by a nice wall of nets on the north side running to 100. So, we just trolled straight W. Spent about an hour untangling my first attempts of stacking DRs. So, after that I just went 2 DR and 2 DD. Took first hit on a MD SD with green mirage fly, beautiful 8 lb COHO, 165 back on DD in 115 FOW at est. 8:00. At about 8:30 to a 12lb King, down 70 on DR, Flounder Pounder, this was after we decided to head back to the channel so we were on a E troll. About 10 minutes later we got another 8lb COHO on the same set-up as the other COHO. It was my brother-in-law's first big lake trip, needless-to-say, he loved cranking in the cohos. Lake was pretty choppy when we got out but laid down nice as the night went on. 3 for 3 and a great way to start the Labor Day weekend. Sunday dinner was AWESOME!!
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    Muskegon 9-2 PM

    On my way back in I did notice the nets on the GPS, didn't realize they showed up on there. The DD had the Mountain Dew Spin Dr. with a green mirage fly.
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    holland labor day weekend?

    I'm not a veteran by any stretch of the imagination but every guy I've talked to with any experience says get by the rivers at that time of year. So Grand Haven and Muskegon are what I've been directed to if you are looking to stay as close to Holland as possible.
  25. Spent 3 hours on a north and south troll, anywhere from 80-110 FOW, started at 6:00 and only had 1 hit. Started trolling toward the peir about 9 and at 9:30, in about 85 FOW, Glow/blue Flounder Pounder, DR at 50 takes off and gives me the fight of my life. After several failed netting attempts, and a busted net, we managed to land this 25lb beauty!!! Made the whole night worth it.