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Lines in the water from 8AM to 10:30.  Had 2 hits on a rigger 45 down with a RV green flounder Pounder.  Lost both.  

Landed a 8lb steel head on a 300 copper. Was bringing it in the change lures and it hit when then board was 10 feet behind the boat.


Landed a 15lb king on a green Luhr Jensen meat rig on a braid dipsey on 2, 125 back.  This was an interesting fight.   He was not happy and got tangled in my 300 copper when he went on a run. He pulled the board under and the 30lb backer broke on the 300 copper.  Got the King in the boat,  re tied the copper, reeled that in and soun around and picked up my board.


  Fished 120-130 fow.  Marked fish the whole morning.  Speed on Graph varied from 2.5 to 3.  All hits on a north troll.

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