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Arrived at the Holland launch at 5:00 am. Motored down to just past sliders and started a salmon program (pre-dawn) on a S troll. Had decent marks and bait in 60 FOW but only got one rip on a Big Weenie Tribal Green meat rig that didn't hook up. After the sun was up for about an hour we slid out to 80 FOW and changed a few rods over for trout. Picked up a decent sized Laker  straight out of Saugy on a wire diver with a Mt. Dew Spindoctor and Spin-n-glow. My buddies didn't care to catch any more trout and I didn't want to kill more then I had to so I pulled lines and ran to the mouth of the Kzoo and made several passes (different speeds/directions). Marked a lot of fish in the mud but only got 1 rip on a 1.5 leadcore w/ a stinger Blue Veggies. Only stayed hooked up for a minute. Surface temp was around 60-65 and down temp was in the low 50's. Ran back up toward Holland and attempted to work the top 40 one more time in 95 FOW. Marked a lot of bait balls down about 30 foot with good marks on them but no takers. Back to the launch by 12:00 pm. Wasn't for lack of time/effort.

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