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Lake Huron alewife pipulation

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I talked to a DNR officer last night and asked him why they aren’t planting salmon in Lake Huron. He told me there is no food for them. I have fished in the past year from harbor beach all the way to Hessel and I have caught both trout and salmon that are full of alewives. 

Maybe someone much smarter than myself can help me out. If the smelt population is up and the alewife population is at the very least on the rise why not plant salmon??

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They already do plant some 800,000 Chinook in Huron still but supposedly they all leave and head to Lake Michigan. Because of this, those fish are counted towards the LM stocking totals. 

The question is, why not just stock those fish in LM if they are counted as LM fish?

A lot of the things we are told to believe don't make sense...

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