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Port Clinton 6/21-6/24

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Fished Port Clinton 4 days 6/21 - 6/24. Got a late start on Friday looking for a launch not flooded out and ended up launching out of Mazurik. Trolled to the southeast from northwest of Kelly's island down towards Cedar Point. Picked up a few early then again well east of Kelly's island. Pulled lines at 2:00 one fish shy of a two man limit.  Now knowing were the clearer water and larger fish were we hit the same area the next three days punching our two man ticket each day before lunch and in just 1 1/2 hrs on Monday. Best in 45' of water in area shown on attached screen shot. Stinger sized spoon bite. Hot colors as shown in photo. The two spoons shown on the left of the photo took 80% of our fish. Some copies of the same spoons had been modified with pink paint on the backside.  The most productive presentations were 150' of 20 lb walleye copper and 3 color of 27 lb Salmon leadcore.  200' of copper and 2 colors of leadcore also took a few fish.



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