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Buying a used saltwater boat

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So I have been looking at used boats online. Want to upgrade from 19 to 23-25 foot. I like walk around styl with a small cabin. All the boats I have been finding have been ran in saltwater. There is some in the Great Lakes region for sale but the price is way more for a boat that has only be n run in fresh water. WhAts everyone's opinion on buying a boat from salt water. I know the basics like they need to flush it out after use and clean the boat frequently but that's about all I know. Does anyone have experience with a used salt water boat like, pro line or pursuit walk around model

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We just moved from Florida to Wisconsin, and all of the boats, including ours, have been used extensively in salt water. My 2 cents:

- yamaha outboards are the best for saltwater imo. The others hold up, if maintained really well. Yamahas seem to be able to run better for longer with minimal maintenance.

-check the wiring for corrosion

-check the trailer for corrosion

- if it were me, I'd replace the thermostats and change all the fluids immediately.

As long as it was flushed and rinsed it shouldnt be a big deal, most important things to check are wiring and trailer for signs of corrosion or neglect. All repairable, just depends how much time you want to invest.

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