for sale Humminbird 959ci HD XD + Navionics Premium E6 Chip

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Humminbird 959ci HD XD + Navionics Premium E6 Chip

For sale a Humminbird 959ci HD XD + Navionics Premium E6 chip which covers the northeast from Illinois to Maine down to South Carolina. This Humminbird unit is the Extreme Depth model with a 200/83/50 transducer. This unit was used as a backup and is less than a year old in excellent almost brand new condition. I am asking $575.00 to include shipping...will entertain serious offers only! Shipping to US only.

I have 100% + feedback as a seller on e-bay and sold thousands of dollars in equipment. Go to e-bay and click advanced search on right top of page and search by find a member on left side of page near the bottom and type northeastgreatoutdoors...click on my feedback and check as a seller. This will show you I am an honest person and not a fraud.


With its wide 8" HD display and stunning resolution, the Humminbird 900 Series has become a favorite among anglers and seafarers around the globe. With a screen optimized for increased sunlight readability and 16:9 aspect ratio for easy split screen views, the 900 Series is a great choice for numerous fishing and boating applications.

HD 8-inch display: 480V x 800H, 16:9 Color
DualBeam PLUS™ w/SwitchFire™
Sonar coverage: 20°, 60° & 74° @ -10dB
Sonar frequencies: 200/83/50kHz
Depth: 3,000'
8,000W (PTP), 1,000W (RMS)
Internal GPS Receiver 10Hz
GPS Speed Included
Dual SD Card Slots
Upgradable Software
Ethernet Networking
360° Imaging
Comes standard with XHS-9-DB-74-T transducer
Options: Lakemaster, Navionics® Gold/HotMaps; Navionics® Platinum+™; 360° Imaging®; QuadraBeam Plus™; 5-Port Expansion Module; Minn Kota i-Pilot® Link™; Radar; NMEA 2000® and AIS compatibility





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nothing in by email except this reply.


Somehow my email led me here today and I was just curious about the Hummingbird that was hyperlinked in it.

So i'm free floating while trying to upgrade my technology on the budget of a Buddhist Monk.  

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It seems to me that these specialized chat room are getting more difficult for inexperienced users like me to bavigate and/or get clear replies.


An email showed in my [email protected] account with a new (what looks to be)  a advert for this Hummingbird 959ci HD XD + Navionics Premium E6 Chip.


I'm in a very low budget income bracket so I'm keeping my eyes peeled for a finder with side scan & with GPS Chip capabilities!


I was looking here to see if this scanner was for sale by another member.

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Not sure how an e-mail showed. Like i mentioned in the add I am asking 575.00 to include shipping. I will entertain offers as well. if interested make an offer

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