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  1. Thanks anyway but, I won't even try to offend you with my offer.
  2. It seems to me that these specialized chat room are getting more difficult for inexperienced users like me to bavigate and/or get clear replies. An email showed in my [email protected] account with a new (what looks to be) a advert for this Hummingbird 959ci HD XD + Navionics Premium E6 Chip. I'm in a very low budget income bracket so I'm keeping my eyes peeled for a finder with side scan & with GPS Chip capabilities! I was looking here to see if this scanner was for sale by another member.
  3. nothing in by email except this reply. Somehow my email led me here today and I was just curious about the Hummingbird that was hyperlinked in it. So i'm free floating while trying to upgrade my technology on the budget of a Buddhist Monk.
  4. is this a used item I can buy here? $$$ How much?