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No rigger bite

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My stretch on a big white paddle and fly is from 10 feet to 40 feet !! Ive tried different lengths. .. I've been on several different boats and I have done the same as on their boats as to mine !! I've stretched in shallow water up to 70 feet back with different lure!!!

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We've had more success when we stretch our big 11" paddles back a ways all the time regardless of depth, 70ft back with a 50-55" lead to the fly is standard for us now, rarely deviate from that, some times it's on fire sometimes it just brings fish into the spread. We start doing that consistently in mid July typically and always have it down now. Otherwise, riggers have been very hit or miss for us this year and only get bit in low light situations if fishing kings. Coho's are a different story as they love a pair of spoons set close to the ball in early season. But for kings we're typically running glow spoons and plugs 30-50' back at the temp break or just above in the dark or very low light conditions when fishing outside of 60' of water. When in shallow around the piers we stretch them back 60-100' feet until they get bit. Once the sun is up we just switch things up until it takes a hit, sometimes they want the SWR, sometimes it's a meat rig but we switch up our rigger without the big paddle every 30min or so when it's light out until we get the pattern dialed in.

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