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Sunday.  The morning after the big show for the Coast Guard Festival, the channel was littered with boats tied together.  I am sure there were some heavy heads in those boats as we steamed by at 5:30 AM.  

Even though it was still dark when we hit the pier heads we discovered we were late to the party!  Hundred or so boats were doing a north and south dance between 30 and 100 feet.  My crew consisting of my father (77 years) and my best friend of  40 years put down in an opening around 55 feet.  As the only copper rod I own is wound with 300 feet of the tangle waiting to happen stuff,  decided to keep it stowed.  Threw out flies - spin docs, spoons, and plugs on riggers, dipseys and lead core.  Ended up 2 for 2 with a decent King and Steelie both coming off DR one at 15 down and one at 35.   Fished mostly in the 60 to 90 feet, until we started to head in, then we messed about in the skinny water for a bit but nada.   

Awesome morning to be on the water.

Just pulled the trigger on a replacement for my Lowrance 350A  for a Lowrance Elite 7 HDI (Wow color screen!)  Anyone looking for a gently used 350A? 

Good Luck out there. 

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