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Sub-Troll 900 Manual

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I just purchased a boat with a Sub-Troll 900, that is probably from 1990s. Hoping someone could help me with a couple questions:

1) Does anyone have a manual for the Sub-Troll 900 that they could share. Checked out the "Zip File" in another thread, however it is no longer active.

2) Also wondering if it is normal to see no temperature reading when the probe is out of the water. When I power up the unit in my garage, all I see is the decimal point on the display. I assumed it would read/display the ambient air temp???

Thanks for any help!

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Should not show temp out of the water, should just show decimal point. I'll see if I can find my manual. Pretty simple though. Make sure you open and disconnect battery if your not using it for awhile. Also check O ring make sure it's in good shape, and lube with vasoline. If it needs replacement get it from them. I calibrated my speed about 1' down in a no current condition, using my GPS that way I know any difference from GPS speed when I'm using it is a +/- current.

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make sure print has a good coat of vasoline on it when you put it back on. I leave mine just screwed on by 1 or 2 threads when not being used. Here is a copy of the manual sorry they are pictures but my copier is a pain. good luck and leave some fish out there for me.


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