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Started at 5:45 ended at 9 am. 4 for 4, all kings. Started out in front of the bath house in 75 fow. Went on a north troll. Took first fish in 75 fow on a mag moonshine wonderbread with uv tape on a 6 core. Next king was on a 150 copper with a stinger slim Yeager bomb. Moved out to 120 fow and took a king on a wire diver on 1.5 with a green spin doc with green fly out 150. Last fish came on 250 copper forgot what spoon it was. All fish between 5 and 15 pounds. Only took one fish past the point and caught one on the south troll right in font of the point. Water was cold 48 on the surface. Fish and bait marks were all very scattered in the water column.

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