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me and my buddy are new to big lake fishing and would like some advice

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Where are you located? Do you have a notebook, 12 pack, and gas money? Thumb a lift here, be respectful, ask good questions, and take notes. You'll learn more that way than online or at a seminar.

Amen to that. I also recommend hooking up with guys here looking for riders. You can always learn a lot from riding along and taking notes. Most of the guys here are very good about equipment, and the where and how when they report. Shy away from the hero posts and watch the guys that catch fish day in and day out.

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Focus on why you''re fishing where you are. Temperature, bait, spawning fish? The lake is very dynamic. It's sweet to look at the buoys and forecast and be " there's going to be fish here because this" and set up on them.

Or be like a guy in a perfectly equipped $200k tiara I fished with that pounded bathwater in 50' as that's where they were last week. A week of south winds since had pushed the break down to 130'. Took him on my 1987 that night and limited running 4 rods all 150' and deeper.

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Check out the Keating on Kings books and videos by Dan Keating. Has a brand new book out this year too. He is captain of the Blue Horizons in Winthrop Harbor Illinois, but the techniques he teaches work anywhere. He does a very good job of explaining things too. Very good way to get a headstart on learning Great Lakes fishing. http://www.bluehorizonsportfishing.net/salmon-fishing-books-videos.html

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Wow Kevin! First speeding in the channel...now drugs and women for hire!

Translation for the new guys: pushing a little wake gets you to the fish (or home) faster.

Cocaine is strictly reserved for those days you need a little pick me up after fishing dark to dark in tournaments

The ladies are a last resort when posting "need a rider" doesn't work and the bite is on fire!

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Why not fish with a charter boat or river guide? This way you can learn on the field. Interview the capt. by phone first, and tell him you are a novice, and if you can ask many questions while fishing. If he sounds amiable and friendly, book him and go. Videos and books are also invaluable tools for beginners.

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