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promised I'd take my grandson fishing today. left at 7:15 for South haven. Truck started getting loud and running bad. Exhaust pipe broke. Decided to head to Holland but the truck started running so bad I went home and switched vehicles. Put in the water at Holland and headed for the big lake only to find the channel was locked in solid. Put the boat back on the trailer and headed to PS. Finally made the big lake and managed 1 brown and 1 sea gull that went for a gray thin fin that hit the surface when it got tangled in a balloon. Had 1 other big rip that broke off. Keep my promise.

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glad you cought something. used to be with my dad we would only do well when everything else went wrong. trolling with a buddy one year for spring browns we had been catching them on body baits. thought we had another on then the line started going up in the air. turned out the seagull wanted a rapala breakfast also.

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Gotta love fish eating birds. Vacationed down in Florida last year using cut bait on the pier and a pelican took my brothers hook and flew under the pier with it and just as the rod was about to break spit it back out. That was quite a scare considering it was a nice rod and it was a rental... Later that day a dude snagged a cormorant!! When he pulled it up and tried to unhook it the thing but his hand open!

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