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I have been running my Navionics App on my IPad for several years and love it. Make sure you set your map settings to either Govt Charts or Sonar or Navionics and play around with the settings because I think Lake Michigan has one foot contours with the Navionics setting and Lake Superior does with the Sonar setting. I use a talon mount and a waterproof case. It really is nice because you can run your graph for sonar and your iPad for GPS and Chartplotting. I really think you will be happy. Just make sure your iPad has the GPS on it and you don't have to worry about being in a data zone. I used mine remotely in Canada with no data usage. The GPs worked great.

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I also run Navionics on my iPhone and iPad. GPS does not function on iPad like phone does. The normal wifi based iPad does not have a functional GPS out at sea unless you add a GPS receiver. The iPad with 3g that has a data plan through verizon or another provider will work fine. I added a Bad Elf GPS receiver that plugs into the lightning port on my iPad ($100.00). It works great. It also has a pass through to charge as you are using. GPS kills battery, so you will need a power hook-up to make it all day.

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