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  1. I am going to be installing an Autopilot this spring. I have a 1992 28' Baha with Flybridge. Currently looking at the Raymarine EV-200 system.The plumbing I am not sure on. It is a SeaStar system with a balanced RAM. There are 2 Hydraulic Lines connected to the Flybridge Steering Pump coming from below, There are 3 hydraulic lines connected to the main helm pump and there are 2 hydraulic lines connected to the steering ram and one short clear line that goes from one end of ram to the other.Here are the questions:I understand every install is a little bit different, but because I can't see the hoses (buried in walls) how does this all connect together typically?Is there a check valve typically?Where does the pump get plumbed in?And since the hoses are all NPT type fittings, should I just get custom length hosing made up?I understand this may be vague, but I don't have the $$ to have it installed and I really want to learn how to do this so that I may be able to better troubleshoot later. I just need a little nudge in the right direction.Thanks in advance for your timeSteve
  2. I recently purchased a 28' boat, upgraded from my 21' Lund. The electronics are really dated. I am looking for insight on replacing electronics. I have twin 305 inboards. no Kicker at present but may look to it later. Chartplotter/GPS Sonar Radar Autopilot I know this is a vague post, but does it make sense to stay with the same manufacturer for all? Do they network together? or Is one sonar company better, and radar from another. Looking for brands and models that might push me to a good starting point. Any Help is greatly appreciated Thanks
  3. I also run Navionics on my iPhone and iPad. GPS does not function on iPad like phone does. The normal wifi based iPad does not have a functional GPS out at sea unless you add a GPS receiver. The iPad with 3g that has a data plan through verizon or another provider will work fine. I added a Bad Elf GPS receiver that plugs into the lightning port on my iPad ($100.00). It works great. It also has a pass through to charge as you are using. GPS kills battery, so you will need a power hook-up to make it all day.
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