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3M 4200 or 5200?

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I'm covering all the old holes with a piece of vynol 1x6 as a transducer mounting board and trying to decide between 4200 and 5200. I'm leaning toward the 5200 for its superior strength but hear that if I ever need it removed it may ruin the gel coat. Any suggestions?


PS-I plan to use it to adhere the board to the boat without any fasteners not just fill holes

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I'd suggest the 4200. 5200 states it should be used only for applications in which whatever it is bonding, will NEVER be removed.

4200 is EXTREMELY tough stuff too. You'll never have an issue with the 4200 in your application.

I'd also suggest plugging, and re-glassing the holes before you put something over top of them. Just to be safe. Holes below the waterline are of course the most dangerous for the longevity of your boat.

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