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I only had an hour and a half

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I didn't have much time to do anything yesterday but managed to jump onboard Priority1 and do a few things.

I removed, cleaned, and set the gap on my plugs. I use the SS marine grade plugs. I have a spark plug cleaner and I make sure to blow the grit from the plugs with a blow gun after cleaning them. I always put a little bit of anti-seize on the plug threads. Anti-seize is especially important with SS as it has a tendency to gall. Skipping the anti-seize can lead to a major repair. The plugs looked very good except for some hard baked on carbon that came off when they were cleaned. I notice more carbon on the plugs since the ethanol mix entered the picture. Before installing the plugs I shot a a little bit of Engine-Stor in the plug holes and rolled the engine over. I usually put new plugs in every couple of years. I have a new set onboard with gaps set and anti-seize on the threads. An Altoid tin is just right to hold 4 plugs.

A couple of weeks ago I changed the engine oil and fogged the engine through the carburetor.

I had some help a week or so ago so the outdrive was drained and removed. The impeller was checked and the gimbal bearing replaced. I was getting a slight vibration at low speeds near the end of the season. The bearing was noticeably bad. The outdirve has been reinstalled and I'll refill it with gear lube soon.

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