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Ottawa marsh successful opener

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Good hunting at the marsh today! Had a good spot thanks to our neighbor who spent the night in our blind. Had a party of nine, five people hunted in one hole while me, the dog, and three others hunted in a hole a little up stream. Heavy action right at shooting time with ducks flying in every direction. Shot six of them in our group within the first prime twenty minutes. Action died down for a while, but when boats started to leave the ducks would fly again. We had fairly steady action for the rest of the day, ended up with two more in the bag before we called it quits. We ended with eight, our partner party got their limit. All wood ducks! The ducks were fairly responsive to woody calls when using the water whine. We also crippled and lost three birds due to the dog not cooperating. (He had a pretty good reason, after bathing him I found the biggest fish hook of my life stuck in his thigh!)

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