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Electric riggers

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Got a couple of issues that developed this weekend. First, we're trolling this weekend with 5 in the box. After netting #5 my wife takes the wheel and notices the gps/sonar is off. So out on the lake I check fuse . Its ok. So next I'm thinking maybe low voltage and started checking everything out and sure enough the kicker battery is almost dead, even though we had been running it for a couple hours.

I have 2electric riggers and electronics hooked to that battery and am wondering if maybe the output from the kicker is not enough to power all that. Or if my charger is getting bad on my old 9.9 evinrude kicker.

I have 2 batteries and can switch to both to charge from the big motor in a pinch. Or maybe I should rethink my battery configuration and put my electrics on the other battery. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks

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