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Kings in April

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Hey you pro's,

I like to know where these bigger kings or any of the salmon are like in April when everyone is fishing for browns. Lots of times I maybe having no luck fishing for browns and try and go out deeper like in 80' of water to see if anything would happen. Well I do mark some fish but they are really deep and will not bite. Has anyone before gone way out for them and had any luck catching salmon before.


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Based on past experiences, the LARGEST salmon of the year move up the lake in late April and early May. As May progresses, usually more and more salmon arrive and the size gets smaller and smaller. The LARGEST kings can be caught in the 25-50 feet of water range, especially in the mud in Grand Haven. Many kings larger than in the fall are caught in the Grand Haven mud this time of the year. The mud is a HUGE attractant for alewives and is the warmest water in the area; thus BIG kings find the warmest water source and the alewives are waiting for their arrival.

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On a charter two seasons ago in 3rd week of April we were really stuggling. The browns and coho had a serious case of lockjaw and it seemed that most boats, including us, would go back with from 0 - 2 fish.

We had worked our way out to about 80 feet and trolled South and away from any other boats. I usually like to fish alone and we sure weren't leaving any biters behind so we trolled about 2 miles South from the nearest boat and then turned a "due East" troll, "headin for the barn".

I was noticing a few nice marks about 15 - 30 feet down but nothing would go. So I changed up two rigger rods to fishcatchers and flies. I know, crazy me, after all, who runs rotators in April?

Well we caught a 5 man limit of Kings from 12 - 18 lbs. in the next hour or so.

These fish were on a collision course with the brown water and we just happened to intercept them.

Go figure!

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