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Actual UV Lure Tape

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I finally found an actual UV tape that when you put a UV light up to it it brightens and lights up in actual UV flourescent colors. It is called UV Burst from this site:


I picked up some 3" x 12" 2pks from All Season sports in Pulaski in Fl Yellow UV Burst, Fl Orange Coho Hunter UV Burst, and FL Green Hammer UV Burst. These colors have the UV purple/blue color hues along with the bright UV florescent color associated with the colors offered. When you move the UV tape from side to side it has a color shift that changes from a UV look to a bright flourescent look. Worth a look.

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In regard to UV being the hot topic with fishing lures lately, actual UV light is being emitted off of PET ( polyethylene terephthalate ) film (lure tape) with holographic as well as glow in the dark properties. I doubt toilet paper would hold up on a flasher or dodger..lol. Since natural light turns black after a depth of approximately 14 feet, UV properties of a lure is just another weapon that MAY help in attracting salmonids depending on the light spectrum (from reds, oranges, yellows etc in nanometers) being emitted under different light conditions including clear as well as cloudy days.

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