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Port Sheldon July 21st PM

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Going Solo I set lines about 6:30 in 80fow. Heard from the radio guys hitting them at 160. Keep heading west on the flat water with nothing going until.... 160 fow. Landed a jumpy 8lb stellie off a board 3 color LC silver and orange body bait. While tying to get the trebbles out of the net the DR went off. Set at 50' soon as the fish hit the surface it spat my chrome J Plug back at me. Ended up 1 for 2 which is better than 0 for 2 (last trip) Guy steaming in next to me in Piegon Lake got a 22lb King full LC spoon in about 130 fow.

Nice night on the pond makes draggin but at work on Tuesday worth it!


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