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Fished just north of the stick in 115-145 FOW and went 11 for 16 or so; all kings. Got kinda busy so lost count on how many we wiffed on. Only three mature salmon in the bag that were in the 14-15 lbs range, the rest were nice eaters in the 6-10 range.

Hot setups were the wire dipsys. One had a 11 dreamweaver crushed glow 11" paddle with a KRW riverside fly, set 2 back 120. It was good for 3 and a few misses. The other wire dipsy had a Moonshine standard founder pounder, set 2 back 100 was also good for 3 or 4 and a sreamer we never got in. The other set up of note was a rigger down 40 with a silver horde 4" plug. Don't know the name but it is a mother of pearl with black dots. It was good for 2 or 3 and a miss or two. The rest were a mish mash of presentations.

We had a lot of short hitters last night that would whack the lure and never even hook up and were gone. Not used to that but oh well!!

Short cores were dead and a hit and a miss on a 300 CU with a mag stinger NBK.

Great night on the water overall.

Good luck out there


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