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Need a winch for my boat

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I have been using an electric winch on my SeaRay 270 Amberjack for about 3 years and it went to pieces the last time out last summer.

It is going to cost more for parts to repair than I paid for it ($400) so I am thinking of going back to a hand crank winch, but I don't want something that doesn't do the job when I am loading the boat at 11 at night after a day of fishing. I usually trailer the boat every time I fish so a good winch that will make this job as easy as possible would be the ticket.

Any good suggestions? I really liked the electric winch, didn't even have to get in the water, but it was the heaviest one I could find and over time it just gave out.


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I use a 3000# atv super winch on my 28' sea ray and so far its done a good job. I bought it off ebay for a lot less money than for a regular marine winch. you could even go to a 3500# or 4000# atv winch. but for the money I recommend the super winch. you should always use a safety chain or strap just in case your winch fails.

if you go to a manual winch you might want the fulton 3200# 2 speed winch. you can pull your boat most of the way on your trailer in high gear and then drop it into low gear for the hard pulling. they cost a little over 130.00 on ebay. this is the best manual winch I know of.


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I have been happy with my Dutton Lanisn TW9000 power winch. It overkill for my boat, but I got it for a good price and too big is better than not big enough. In the past I had the Power Winch 912 (rated for a 11,000# boat) on another boat and it worked, but the DL is faster and I like the strap better than the steel cable.

My boat's twin hulls with its bunk trailer loads didn't load well with the manual winch. The bunks for the cat sit higher off the ground which also means I have to get it deeper at the ramp to launch or load. Often this means that when loading I am not able to float the boat on as far as would be ideal so I'm cranking it longer. This also meant it was difficult to load without getting wet due to how far I have to back the trailer in -- not fun in the spring. So I went with the power winch to help load but also for the remote capability. Shortly after going to the DL power winch I also heard about Slick Sticks. They are hard, slippery strips that go on the bunks and really made it easier to load the boat.

In your pictures, it looks like your trailer is a bunk trailer too. I'd check out adding the Slick Sticks regardless of what winch solution you go with.

The nicest manual winch I have seen is the Fulton 3,700# 2 speed. They are expensive at $200+.

I see you're in Michigan and since power loading is not allowed at most ramps, I would go with another power winch for that big boat. Most ramps (especially if low water conditions continue) will require you back in a long way and still have to winch the boat a ways.

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