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Grand Rapids Sport Show


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What a great start of the day it was,

First off my woman and I thought we meet up with Sixshooter, catfishhoge, Bluedevil, Severus andTrout Tracker for breakfast at big boys off Pearl St and just got together and did alot of talking while eating some great food. Then we all headed over to the Grand Rapids Sport show to check out the great fishing tackle that they had. Well I ended up taking with me about $100.00 and thought Id get alot of stuff. Well I sure didn't get to much there, to me the prices wasn't any cheaper than if you went to the store and bought it. But I did get a good deal on some Hootchies for $5.00 each. Well out of my $100.00, I ended up getting was 2 yellow tail siver streak lures, 2 Hotchies, 2 Dipseies, and a big tackle box for all my lures and that was it. The show was great but I hope next year the fish dog company will be there. There prices on there web site was better than the show prices there. Well lets see what everyone had purchased at the show to, and see what you thought of it.


PS: Severus has a hot new lure that Sixshooter had bought him for fishing, you have to see it.

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I had a change in plans yesterday. I ended up going to the GR show instead of Fort Wayne show. I ran into catfishoge at the show. I ended up yesterday with 6 spin doctors for $7.99 each and got two free dreamweaver spoons. I am suppose to meet Levi there today.

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$9.00 to get in?

Did I see/hear that right?

I wouldn't have minded going, the ole lady and I talked about it but pay to walk around and shop? You start off in the hole even before you find a deal.?!?!?!?!?!


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