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Fished out of Linwood yesterday. Fished NE about 4 miles 19 - 20 fow 3 spots. No bites. Fished about 5 miles out across the crack no bites. Moved SE inside crack in 17 fow about 3.5 miles from Linwood. Marked a bunch of fish with most stopping to look at offering. After about 20 lure changes finally managed to ice a keeper on a dark blue back with perch body jigging rapalla. One snowmobile had no spark when went to go in. Towed it plus 2 shanties 3.9 miles back to Linwood with . Saw 2 new smaller cracks inside the main crack one didn't look good. Guys taking their pickups out to the big crack need to be cautious IMO.

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John, Thanks for the fishing report and the heads up on the cracks. Everyone please be careful.

This may be a rough Spring if the right conditions unfold. There is far more ice than usual. The right winds can put the inner bay and it's shoreline in a world of hurt.

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Thanks for the report! Runnin and gunnin!

There sure is a ton of ice out there. Saw it a few years ago with ice mountains encroaching on residents homes on the lake shore..........

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