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Hunted the first day the m w w reopened. First field hunt of the year and I was rusty. Walked out with a goose and two drake mallards. The amount of customers we had was insane but they didn't like what I was selling and I didn't close the deal. Could have killed a four man limit if I'd done it right.

Pulled my ten year old out of school the following Wednesday. Set up a nice small spread and popped an early drake only to watch birds check up on a spot 1/4 mile away at the end of our zone. Grabbed some decoys and walked over there to find sheet water and ducks. Took four more trips to get all the gear over with ducks working the whole time. Just got set up and the flight slowed. Needed one more mallard when the geese started working, but ignored them. Ten minutes before we had to leave I took a long shot at a drake and folded him cleanly to finish out.

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