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Wild at heart combat report 9/13pm and 9/14am

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obviously I was running boards in the channel Sat and not trying to piss anyone off. Dont know how I snagged you Jimmy, except maybe that Rapala was not tuned right and was really digging to the right because that board was only about 8 feet from the boat and we weren't even close. Let me know what you lost and I replace it(I have a huge selection of JPSlammers that really work well if you needs some). If your going to run boards you just gotta be smart. Mine are usually 8 to 10ft out from the boat. That puts them inside my dipsy's and no further back because I run 2 color or short copper. Basicly there running right over my dipsy's. I always look to see how much traffic there is. Holland was light Sat compared to GH where I have never run boards combat fishing. I also don't run them unless I have experienced mates on board. We reel them things in and out as traffic allows. They work just as well 4 feet from the boat sometimes. You can even reel them right up to the pole tips in the trees and crank a crazy ivan and have them stay above the rest of your spread till you straighten out. Besides hookin Jimmy we never had an issue Sat and no one yelled at me or flipped me off. For the most part I thought most of the guys Sat really cooperated well. You got to admit though they do cacth fish, and we womped em pretty good Fri and Sat. The biggest problem we have runnin boards is not other boats but the pier guys. Why they have to throw 15 feet behind me I'll never understand and get pissed when they catch me. Only got caught once Sat and he was cool and ran my way and neither of us lost anything. Note to pier guys- give me 50ft and then let your baits sink deeper before you retrive(20 hook-ups in 2 trips and never took a fish above 15ft. I love this kind of fishing, rigger hits 15ft down are spectacular. I love catching fish that haven't been dragged the lenght off a foot ball field. If I lose some equipment, which I do so be it. I'll try my best to stay out off your way, but I will be fishing boards. LASTLY. Who ever hooked up and broke off a king in the channel with a "closer" flasher Sat, we snagged it with a rigger which looked like a lake trout hit, and when we pulled up the ball it dragged it up to the surface and it was the biggest king I have ever seen in the water. My guess was 28 to 30#. Just missed a chance to net it 4 feet behind the boat before it pulled free. So you can brag all you want about the big one that got away.

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WTG Kevin , I just hate combat fishing( not good at it I guess) wanted to learn more about it but did not have a good experience this weekend just adding fuel to the fire cus of some snide remarks from others here im cool with what happened ,I understand im gonna loose some stuff if im fishing the channel, I even turned toward the new fishing peirs on the mac side and hung up a rigger on a rock or something almost lost my probe lol but was able to get it all back. Im good to go I just wont be fishing in there any more.

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