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Converting Cannon digi troll 2 to mag 10???

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Hello fellas jus got a new to me boat and it came with 2 cannon digi troll 2 downriggers and the screen are busted. I've been searching and found that we can convert these to use a switch or use parts from the cannon mag 10. Can't find much more info on it and was hoping u guys can help with what is needed to convert them and get them going again. Any info is much appreciated!!

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super simple

Need new spools, counters spool gear counter gear. 3 position switch and new breakers..

I did it to 2 of mine. If Ihad it to do over I would take them to a cannon tech and have him do it. I cant get the auto stop to work so they are going in to get fixed.

I have 2 working DT 2 and a 2 extra pad/ screens I have picked up.

Best place for info

fish307.com has the schematics and part numbers

Parts from anglers outpost in Whitehall. They are very helpful when you call.

When you look up fish307 copy the Marlin schematics as the Mag 10 are different

DT2 are on the marlin body and wiring

DT4 are on the mag 10 chassis

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