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Set lines in about 110 FOW among a slew of boats and started trolling south. There was very little room for changing directions, depths, etc. without pulling lines and moving due to the sheer number of boats. Marking fish like crazy between 65 and 75' but very few takers.

Our first hit came around 8:00 70' down on a Big Lake Lures Blue Goose but lost it. Next came a 10# brown on a Moonshine Flounder Pounder on 5 colors around 9:00. Next was a BIG hit on a Moonshine Mongolian Beef plug on 12 colors. Unfortunately the braid backing on this reel hadn't been wound on very tightly the previous time used and the line dug into the spool. Eventually the mono leader gave up and the fish was gone.

A slow night (1/3) fishing with a ton of boats to battle. Those who did well were reporting running all the way to the point. :crazy: Surprisingly all of the boats we encountered were very courteous and polite. This time of year on a weekend with this number of boats this seems to be the exception rather than the norm. :thumb:

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