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Yankee's Summer Tightline

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Summer Tightline Event

Practice - We had a great practice! We started on some waypoints from last year to the East of Bluffers, and the fishing was pretty decent. We had good bites around the Frenchmans bay area on both A-TOM-MIK flies and meat rigs.

Our program consisted of our three Cannon downriggers, two wire divers, and three coppers. Although it was a 6 rod event the next day we like to run 8 in practice to see which coppers are hot. The 400 and 500 coppers were our best although later in the day we took a fish or two on the 600 copper.

Later in the day we headed over to the filtration plant, and before we could get set up our center Cannon downrigger fires. We get that fish in the net and it was a 29lb Chinook. Our personal best for 2013, and the biggest of the day. We went on to pound on a good class of fish the rest of the afternoon, and made the decision to start back there in the morning.


Tourney - It started off slow for us! We went two hours in the morning without a bite! We had some issues jockeying for position going into the drop, which cost us some time and put us outside of our waypoints from the day before. Once we did get there the rods started to fly.

A Dreamweaver White double crush glow Spin Doctor/A-TOM-MIK White Halo fly was a stud on our 111 Cannon downrigger. It went three times, but we only landed two of those fish. After that everything was a one and done bait. We took 9 matures Salmon bites during the rest of the day, but only boated five of them. Again, half took meat, and the other half came on A-TOM-MIK flies behind Dreamweaver Spin Doctors.

In the end it was the first time we fished a Tightline event and left without a check. Tough pill to swallow, but we had a ton of fun. It's also great to see all of our Canadian friends. Also, unofficially Striker leads the King of the Lake points race with 465.15, and we are right behind them with 465.14. It's a close one going into the last event on Labor day weekend.

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