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new weather bouy lake erie

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New Weather Buoy in Western Lake Erie (Monroe/Toledo)

I just put out a new weather buoy as part of a special study this year. The buoy is located about 6 miles southeast of Monroe just north of the Toledo Harbor channel across the Ohio state line on the southeast corner of the open lake disposal area for the USACE.

The data is availalbe here


The buoy also has a camera on it to transmit images and video clips every 30 min. Here's a link to the images/video.


You can also get the latest wind, wave, and water temp information by texting 45165 to 734-418-7299. This service also works for the weather station on Toledo Light #2 (thl01) or any other NDBC station. A list of active NDCB stations in the Great Lakes can be found here http://bit.ly/ndbcstations or a map of active stations can be found here http://www.ndbc.noaa.gov/obs.shtml

Please DO NOT tie up to the buoy. It is not that forgiving and it is also illegal! Please don't hesistate to email me at everhamme at limno.com for more information on the buoy.

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