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Fish hawk

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Here we go I think they have been talked about before, but I'am thinking about buying a fishhawk 4x, what I'am woundering is the 4xD worth about $150 more when you have depth on riggers anyway?

the reason I'am thinking buying one is I run a sub-troll 900 and it works ok but the blow back at deeper depth's and be careful with the cable thing, the screen is a lot nicer on the fishhawk ..

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You can get the X-4D for $700 from Calumet Marine, I feel that's it's worth it. The true depth is different than what your riggers read. If you are just upgrading for something better, why not go all the way? But, it's easy for me to spend your money:) I'm going with the X-4D next month when I get mine.

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This will be season 3 for me with the FishHawk X4. It replaced a Depth Raider and the reduced blow back along with using regular cable makes it worth it. Does a great job -- had it as deep as 230' last year.

If I was buying a unit right now though, I would seriously consider the new Smart Troll. The main reason is that you can monitor the speed, temp, and depth on up to 6 different lines at the same time by just adding a probe. Due to the cost associated with losing a $150 probe, I'd only use it on my downriggers with 150# wire. The one thing I don't like about the FishHawk is you can really only have one on the boat. The Smart Troll solves this and would allow me to get a better handle on what each presentation was doing -- especially with the different current speeds and directions we get down there.

Cost wise the Smart Troll buy in cost is a little more but I think the upside is really good. The hype is to be able to use your Android phone as the display. Personally after seeing it a few weeks ago at the GR show, I'd go with a $100 Android tablet dedicated to that and a couple of other Android apps that would be useful on the boat. A 7 or 10" tablet would be much better viewing than my 4" max cell phone screen would offer.

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