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Fortwayne Sports Vacation and Boat Show


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I have the wife talked into going to the show with me. I will have the whole family in tow. We will stop by the Fishdog booth, but will not be helping out.

If anyone is going to the show and would like one of the books I am selling, let me know and I will bring it with me. I can leave it with Fishdog if you are planning on going on Sunday. There will not be any shipping charges if I bring you a book to the show.

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After chatting with Mark this moring in the chat room I opted not to go to Fort Wayne. Instead I took the family to the GR show. Surely dear old dad could help his son catch a trout. So, I spent $4.00 so my son(4yrs old) could fish in the trout pond for 5 minutes. We did not even get a bite :(

Then I am standing there looking at a 4 wheeler and some one tries to take my jacket from me. After a short wrestling match, I retrieved my jacket from catfishoge :D J/K Thanks for stopping me and introducing yourself Rick.

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