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Late 6-21 report Manstee

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IMG_0502.jpgMy buddy got married up in Manistee over the weekend. So I hooked us up a trip with fellow Warrior Lures pro-staff, Fishlander Sportfishing Charters. We took an 8 year old boy and 13 year old girl with us and they can't wait to get back. We fished 130-150 Fow, at 1.8 mph with Meat rigs and Regular sized Warrior U.v. spoons. Had over 35 hits, landing 20 nice fish. Purple and U.V blue dolphin seemed to be the hottest colors...but it was mayhem:thumb:IMG_0580.jpg
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I have a handfull of custom spoons that look very similar to this, without the tape across it.....looks like I'll be adding some tape:thumb:

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