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Shift Cable/Cutout Lever Adjustment - Mercury I/O

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1. Shift remote control into the full forward/throttle position.

2. Remove shift cable attaching hardware from shift plate assembly.

3. Shift drive unit into full forward by moving the shift lever to the rear (stern) of boat as far as it will go. While shifting, turn propeller shaft counterclockwise until shaft stops, ensuring full forward position.

4. Adjust and attach remote control shift cables as follows:

a. Lightly pull brass barrel away from cable end guide (to eliminate slack in cable).

b. Adjust brass barrel to align cable end guide with fixed stud on shift lever and brass barrel with anchor stud on shift plate.

c. After remote control shift cable has been aligned with anchor studs, back brass barrel off 4 turns (away from cable end guide).

d. Install shift cable on studs and retain with flat washers and stop nuts (removed in Step 2). Tighten fasteners finger-tight only.

5. Move remote control shift handle to full reverse position while turning propeller shaft clockwise until shaft stops, ensuring full clutch engagement.

6. Check shift cutout lever position. If lever is not in the neutral position (shift roller not in the center of the lever notch), remove stop nuts and washers and adjust remote control cable brass barrel one turn at a time (4 tuns MAXIMUM) toward end guide until switch is centered. Reinstall washers and stop nuts.

7. Tighten cable end guide attaching nut until it bottoms out; then back off elastic stop nut 1/2 turn. Tighten brass barrel attaching nut securely.


Be sure to back off elastic stop nuts, which secure cable end guide and cable brass barrel, 1/2 turn after bottoming them out. End guide and brass barrel MUST pivot freely on studs for proper shift operation.

IMPORTANT: If an extra long remote control shift cable is used, or if there are a large number of bends in remote control shift cable, and additional adjustment may be necessary.

8. Perform following check to determine if further shift adjustment is required.

a. Out of water, engine stopped - check and adjustment:

Move remote control shift handle into reverse position until throttle BEGINS to open. Turn propeller shaft clockwise. Clutch should engage and cause propeller to lock. If clutch does not engage, loosen adjustable stud, which anchors DRIVE UNIT shift cable to shift lever, and move stud to top of slot in shift lever. Shift remote control into full reverse and recheck shift cutout switch lever position. Lever must be in centered position. (switch roller in center of notch). Tighten adjustable anchor stud.

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