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Fishing Reports Guide

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This a guide of useful information that should be in your report.

Always start your report with the port you are fishing out of for the title.

  • Add the times(you can use AM or PM) you were out.
  • Number of fish caught and lost. example.....6 for 9
  • How many FOW(foot of water)
  • SOG(speed over ground) or speed at the ball.
  • Water temp at ball.
  • What depth your baits were down or set up used. example....rigger at 45', wire diver on 3 with 185' of line out, full core, or 300' of copper, etc, etc, etc....
  • Baits your caught the fish on.
  • Direction of troll
  • Wave conditions

Everyone loves to look at pictures. Try to include pictures in your post.

You do not have to fill in all the details, but as much information as possible is very much appreciated!

A fishing report without any details is just a bragging post.

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Here is a similar format we use on another fishing web site for port reports:

"Date & port fished:
Time fished:
Area fished (GPS lat/lons 0ptional):
Best depth of water to be over:
Most productive troll direction:
Depth of hits:
Rigger lead lengths:
Number of fishermen aboard:
Best lures & colors:
Surface temp:

Down temp for hits (if known):
Troll speed:
Number and kind of fish caught:

Reel commentary: "



We copy and paste this and fill in the details.





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SH 6/7 4 FOR 6
From 6 to 12
Straight out to 100' then set NW
All fish 150 to 160 fow
NW then followed our line back SE
35 Feet Down 35 Feet Back on the rigger
One on the wire diver 155' back
Troll speed: 2.5 to 3
Number and kind of fish caught:
1 steelhead and 3 coho
Reel commentary: "
Kept marking specs in the upper third of water..
So I pulled up from 65' to 35 and the first coho hit. Reset and short while later second coho in the boat. Raised the second rigger and (a first for me) steelhead hit while I was trying to get the slider out.
Lost another steelhead and another coho at the boat then picked off the last coho at noon.
These are the colors that worked for us.IMG_20200607_151229645.jpegIMG_20200607_124545369.jpegIMG_20200607_095258119.jpeg

Sent from my XT1635-01 using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App

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Hi Jack:

l'm president of the South Haven Steelheaders and am trying to get a local fishing report put together to send out to our members. I would like to know if I have your permission to copy your report and pictures to send it out by email to our chapter members. Maybe, I can get a few of them to open up with information that can help our newer members find some fish. I appreciate your help. Thanks, Rich

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That's great Dan. You can sign up at Hood Outdoors or online using PayPal and you don't need an account to do so. I was just going to contact you about copying your report to send out. If I have your permission, I'll go ahead and do that. If you want to send them to me directly you can use [email protected] 

Thanks, Rich

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