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Going to Marco Island, FL during spring break.


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I am not sure where that is, but I fished with Chris Meyers out on Mosquito Lagoon, just north of Cape Canaveral. We had chances at Redfish all morning, catching 3 or 4 very nice size ones (17-25lbs) each. If we were at all good at casting and sight fishing, we would have boated double digits. Chris had us on fish all morning. After the wind picked up and clouds moved in, we moved out deeper and caught trout like crazy. He posts reports on this site monthly. I highly recommend him.

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I don't know about the Gulf side, but when I've been down in Florida around Christmas a few years back (on the Atlantic side), surf fishing from the public beaches was awesome. Getting into a school of bluefish is some of the fastest, fun action you will get.

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Great fishing down there. I fished on a charter in the intercoastal a few years back and did really well. Caugh a bunch of sheepshead(its nothing like the ones up here), redfish, snook, and sea trout. Do your homework when finding a guide and get references. I always look up the local tackle shop and ask about the guy too. Great fishing down there though, I would do it for sure!

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Just wondering if there is anything worthwhile to chase around there. If so, any charter boats/captains i should look up? What kind fish are normally caught around there?



Marco Island...my favorite place on earth to fish ..other than Kewaunee...

i heard Sean Black (Say What charters) just sold his boat, (not sure) and is out of the business, too bad, i think he was one of best capt at the Rose Marina on Bald Eagle ..but i think he was a little burned out..

Wiess guy comes recommended, Never used six chuters,

Miss Louise, i fished with them once and can't really comment if it was good or bad, we had rough seas, 6 footers. gear was little iffy,

what kinda fish you after?? that is where the real quest begins, offshore any capt can go out and hammer the spanish makcs in late march/ early april, but cobia are a little more difficult, snappers are always a good bet, sharks??

near shore should be hot this year, they've hadd really good weather and if the water clarity is good try off the Naples peir for popmano/ easy to fish and great to eat..the pier is free too, no liscense needed

I'll likely be down there at the same time, I'll be at the pier most days by the concession stand jigging for pomps, i'll be the big guy in the green bay hat if you happen to stop by....

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you can charter the boat owned by Brian Urlacher, the Linebreaker.


my dad lives in Marco Island and one of his favorite places to eat is the Pelican Bend where the boat is kept. Its right outside of Marco before you hit the main land. Pretty incredible machine. Apparently Brian fished down there and enjoyed it so much he bought his own boat.

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I have been fishing that area for about 12 years now. I have never gone "offshore" as it is quite the hike out to deep water. The back water fishing can be incredible. If you have access to any kind of boat try to get out to Keewadin Island. It is about a mile North of Marco and is a barrier island. Great people watching on weekends and darn good fishing off the South tip when the tide is ripping. I have caught everything from sharks to stingrays and black drum to sea robbins. A lot of snook call that area home.

A great spot to try at night under the lights is the South side of Marco bridge. You can fish that right from shore with pieces of shrimp and a egg sinker. You won't believe how the fish beat the water to a froth under the lights from the bridge. Never know what is going to bite there. But guaranteed if the tide is moving you will catch fish.

When will you be heading that way ? pm me if you would like. I will be heading down there soon myself. Maybe we could get together for a fishing trip in the backwater. I have access to my parents boat at all times.

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