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Changing transom

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Anyone ever try replacing the transom in a 22 ft. aluminum boat? I want to go from the old I/O to an outboard. With Starcraft Stinger 400 outdrive there will be a huge hole where the outdrive sets so figured on just replacing the whole thing.I know you need the cut out in the center of the transom so the motor will clear the bottom of the boat, not even sure at this point what motor and how long of shaft I will be dealing with. Then there is the splash pan to be made and installed, just not sure it is worth all the work.

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Steve, Herb Lorentz from Bay City just replaced the transom wood in a Starcraft Islander 22. I think he did this last year or the year before. He didn't go with an outboard just re did the wood and left the IO. They make a bracket like the ones used on the Starcraft Islanders that came from the factory with outboards. The bracket would save you from hacking up the transom. Maybe you could get some measurements on a Islander Outboard and fabricate a bracket. Let me know if you need Herbs #. Another plus with using the bracket you wouldn't reduce the freeboard. The hole from the IO could be patched.

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I was just going to recommend what Frank said Steve. It would be better and easier to patch the hole and add on the outboard bracket in the back. If you look on the web you should be able to find some pictures of an Islander with a bracket in the rear.

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Thanks guys but the trouble is the guy I bought the boat from bolted a piece of 3/4 treated plywood to the inside of the transom. He claimed the original transom was fine but wanted something he could put screws into without hurting anything. The other thing is with the Stinger out drive it leaves at least an 18 inch square hole when it is removed so figured it would be just as easy to replace everything.

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I'd do kind of what the others have suggested but replace the whole transom to make sure it's safe then add the bracket. Shouldn't be hard to either find a used bracket of make one if you know anyone that can weld aluminum. Not that you'd want to pay this but...


Check this out


I'd basically do it like this one but remember if you replace the transom then you've got to beef it up if you add an outboard.


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Here is another one we did on an old whaler while i was still there.

He went from old 235hp 2 stroke OMC seadrives to 225 hondas gained about 10mph and makes 5 trips on the same amount of gas.

Its usually not worth it but this guy loved the boat and he to this day considers it $40,000+ well spent.












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