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While researching the Okuma brand, I noted they offer rods designated for use with copper in both the Classic Pro and Convector lines:

Classic Pro - 1 Year Warranty - 8'6" - Less Expensive

Convector - Lifetime Warranty - 8' or 9' - Over twice the cost of the Classic Pro - heavy duty guides

I'm not sure if you can read anything into Okuma's difference in the length of warranty between the two lines, but it's good info to know for those considering a purchase.


Mark more than 50% of my rods are Okuma and are the pro line, and I couldn't be happier. the rods that have broken have been my own fault. with the exception of 1 which was replaced under warranty . if you fish every day or are a guide I would spend the extra money . If not

Save the extra money and buy good reels. Just my opinion.


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