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Looking for a plate to mount my new kicker on.

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I am looking for a kicker plate so my prokicker doesnt scratch up/dent both sides of the transom. I have googled and failed to find much. Anyone know of a place that makes a nice piece? Found one guy who makes them on ebay, but the outer transom piece is going to be too small. I do have a piece of 1/8 inch stainless that I could make work. Just rather buy due to lack of thiime right now.



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I have a monark 190 king. Which is just an aluminum boat. I have a 9.9 mercury prokicker. I am just going to clamp the kicker on like usual. I ended up getting a piece of diamond plate for the outside of the transom. Still looking for the plate to go on the inside of the transom so I don't scratch sent up the boat tightening the hold down screws. Don't know why I am having a hard time finding one. My lund came with an inner kicker plate.

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