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Hot spot "agitator" flasher

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Hot Spot's "Agitator" flasher is available in 9" & 71/2" size in the following Mountain Dew colours. Blue, Strawberry, Green, Chartreuse, 50/50, Red/Chartreuse 50/50. Also in plaid, Purple Haze, Green & Chartreuse. They're great running on a dipsy as there's very little drag with them & they're designed to run at any speed. Ideal for running a spoon or a body bait as they won't interfere with the action of either. My top producer for years has been the 11" Hot Spot Bullfrog & cut bait but not this year. I rigged a couple of the 9" Agitators in tandem with a 24" leader in front & a 16" leader between the two Agitators. I run them off the ball with a 5.5 Hot Spot Apex Rocket trailing 5' behind & 5' above the Agitators. There hasn't been a time on the water when this hasn't outfished everything else I've had down. I'm sold!!AgitatorFlashers004.jpg

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