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St joe 6/29/11

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I was able to go fishing yesterday. Finally!

Didn't catch anything except alewives for bait, but it felt very good to be out actually fishing.

Saw a couple skamanias caught but all in all pretty slow.

Probably a good thing I didn't catch any cause I had hard time getting my equipment out there as it was. My muscles aint what they used to be, and I'm not supposed to lift more than ten pounds right now anyway.

One thing about summer skamania fishing off the peir. When the fishing is slow you can always eat the bait. Shrimp of course. Not the alewives :)

Anyway hope everyone is catching fish. This afternoon my son is taking me out for blue gills. I think we will do better on those and I am very much looking forward to eating some fresh fish!

Good luck to anyone heading out!

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