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  1. Thanks Don but in the end you and your crew put the fish in the boat. Great job!
  2. With skain I use treble hooks and do well. I use circle for steel usein spawn bags. With circle hooks I know u don't want to set the hook. U will just miss them. Just make pressure and they will set the hook for you.
  3. Blue gills tast much better than steel! Good luck
  4. i fished with Rob it was a great freindly tounament, great lure packege,and great people. i will be looking forward for next year.
  5. i am looking for a good technect for cautching a mixed batch
  6. only on the dippseys green and blun dolphin
  7. we went 12 for 15 out of whitehall water depths 120 to 140 55 to 80 down all small but one 15 pounder can anyone give any nfo on targeting bigger fish;)
  8. my freind Rob and i use 20# p-line on the riggers and we havent had any troubles it seems to be stronger then others we have tryed. we will be stiking with it for now on. as fair as using the o ring that is on the spoons we leave them on it dosent seem to effect the bit
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