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Vessel Safety Checks

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I just got a copy of the safety check form from the DNR that will be used. It is the same as is used by the USCG. All of the information that you need to know about the USCG required equipment is at the following site:


You can also go to http://boat-ed.com/mi/handbook/index.htm for Michigan Boating Laws and Regulations.

The DNR will be at the May 21st event at weigh in and make themselves available to conduct boat inspections if you wish. Upon a successful boat inspection with all required equipment, you will receive a current year inspection decal to display.

We want everybody to be safe on the water and the convenience of the decal may keep you from the random boardings that sometimes occur on the water.

I hope as many people as possible take advantage of this service.

See you on the water.



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