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Final Standings

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Here are the final results from this years series.



REEL OBSESSED 168.25 148.1 159.7 97.85 122.45 696.35

FISHSNIFFER 146.2 145.7 160.9 62.6 94.35 609.75

WIND DRIFT 165.85 166.3 113.3 65.1 30.95 541.5

CHARLIES ANGEL 61.8 152.5 176 147.35 537.65

1 MAINIAC 90.6 152.8 71.15 70 70.6 455.15

DOUBLE J 99.4 52.7 150.7 41.2 0 344

7MARY3 96.45 30.1 101.1 80.55 0 308.2

INREELTROUBLE 18.35 22.45 88.1 42.9 101.65 273.45

KEEPIN-R-WET 198.7 198.7

WAY COOL 47.85 73.45 121.3

HIGH SEAS 49.9 37 0 28.05 0 114.95

AHABS REVENGE 60.05 60.05

THE ARVLE "O" 0 53.75 0 53.75

DREAMER 50.7 0 0 50.7

PULP FISHING 24.1 24.1


Congrats to Reel Obsessed for bring in 5 nice boxes and winning the Port Championship. Thanks again to our sponsors for all the cool stuff they let us give away this year and to all of you guys for fishing with us. Now we get to start planning for next year.

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I want to thank Jim, Don, Patty, the sponsors and everybody else involved for making this happen this summer. I had fun. This was perfect for me to learn a lot about the lake itself and fishing for salmon/trout, and that I did. I appreciate the fact that MOST of the people that partcipated in this tournament were open to communications and respected the curfew for weigh ins.

I am an amateur fisherman and intend to stay that way. This is a great group of people that I enjoyed talking to and getting to know.

I look forward to next year. See you on the water.



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Again being that everyone seems to be against me, i was in the channel at 1:00. I do not launch my boat everytime, i keep it in a marina on the north side of the lake, i called jim at about 5 after one and asked him if he would like me to slip and drive around or tie off at a dock at grand trunk. He did not want to tie up all the docks at grand trunk and simply asked me to drive around. i was in route at 1:10 however it is quite a drive around muskegon lake, if anyone has a problem with what happend please feel free to give me a PM and we can settle this our selves. My team is not nor have we ever been cheaters. We are a bunch of "kids" who simply love to salmon fish. Thank-you for not making us welcome and for not encouraging the younger generation to get involved in the sport. If people do not want us to come back next year we wont. SEND ME A PM IF YOU HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY TO ME

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