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Fished last night went 3 for 3 all kings two of them being 15lbs. and the other about 12. Started up in the 05's in 125fow and worked south first fish came on a sd mountain dew with green fly. then the next 2 came on full cores with a ace hi mother of pearl(wonderbread) in about 10 min. Only fished from 8 till 915 and called it an early night.

Back at it this morning and i couldn't even bat my weight. Went 3 for 8 with two nice steelies the biggin at about 10lbs. and 11lb. king. The steelies came on a mountain dew sd 225 back on a high diver, and a blue bubble sd with matching fly on a 300 copper. The king came on a low diver 125 back with a big weenie blue bubble flasher and matching fly. Also missed two others on the copper and also a couple misses on high divers. Riggers never went today and i ran them all over the place from 55 down when we where up on top of the bank to 100 down when we worked out to 290fow. the last steelie that we got was the 225 back on the high in 290fow at about 900am.

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Hey Todd good talking too you out on the water this AM. we ended up 3/4 taking the last one a nice 8lb steelie while we were still chatting. on the radio. The 2 kings would be in the 14 to 15lb range. All 4 of our hits came on the North troll white & orange spin dr & a glow Squid, glow green 00 dodger & a gotcha mystic fly, and a small white hooticie mama & red squid.

The run back in was fun more 3 footers than one footers. will have to see if it lays down this afternoon.

will call you on 05 when out or pm me & I'll give you my cell#


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