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Mike's Eyeflies Fieldtest


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First thanks for the opportunity to be a field tester on this product. The hooks are excellent and should hold up very well. As for the fly, top quality skirt held up very well even though no fish were caught, we did have one on but it was lost. The flies were put up to A tough test as the bite, just prier to receiving the flies move to a spoon bite. I would definitly use the 2 hook version . The only bad point was that the eyes did fall off the flies. I had found one on the floor of the boat while setting rods. We ran the flies for about 3 weeks three time a week . Worked great on dipseys down riggers or lead core. Wish that I could have run them earlier by 2 weeks before the bite switch to spoons. I am always running a mix in my spread and in the last 3 weeks only one fish has been taken on a fly, it just wasn't one of Mikes Eyeflies.

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